12V Touchscreen & Long Lasting Heated Gloves



There’s a reason gloves are our #1 best-selling item:

Winter weather feels the harshest on those exposed extremities, so most people turn to gloves to prevent frosty fingers. But our heated gloves take it up a notch, with evenly distributed heat throughout, perfect combination of heavy-duty materials, and the longest-lasting battery life on the market (No lunch break? No problem.)

You can use these gloves in any and every situation. From walking your dog to shoveling your snow, from gliding down the ski slopes to zooming on your snow mobile.. From attending today's sporting event and enjoying every minute in warmth, to playing catch in your backyard, these gloves are perfect for every occasion.

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery - With an average of 6 hours on high and 9 hours on low, always stay warm and cozy using our heated gloves. Utilizing our state-of-the-art 12 Volt heating system, our battery not only lasts longer than any other heated glove battery. Our technology enables smart heat distribution, efficient power usage and comfortable heat feeling. And our batteries are rechargeable, so after a full day use, just plug them in and they will be fresh, ready and fully charged for the next day!

Fully Certified & Safe - putting a battery on your body is no small thing. That's why we at Stay Warm Apparel take safety as our biggest concern. All of our batteries are tested by SGS and are certified to the UL 2054 standard. We test for water, heat, cold, damage and more. All to ensure that you have the absolute best and safest heating experience.

5 Finger Touchscreen - The point of wearing gloves in the cold, is to keep your fingers warm in the cold. But today, with the use of smartphones so vital to every day life, you find yourself constantly taking off your gloves to use your phone. No more! Stay Warm Apparel Touchscreen Heated Gloves are equipped with touchscreen on all 5 fingers on both hands! Now you can leave your gloves on and not just awkwardly try to find that tiny spot that works, but smoothly use all your fingers however you feel most comfortable. We embedded touchscreen technology both on the fronts and tips of your fingers, maximizing the areas used to give you the best experience possible.

3 Level Heat - the power button also serves as the temperature control button. Hold it down and it turns on highest heat, but if that's too warm for you, or you want to save the battery life, simply touch the button again to medium, and again for low. Always feel comfortable at your desired temperature.

Waterproof & Machine Washable - our gloves are waterproof and machine washable. You must remove the battery before washing. Obviously, don't go swimming with the gloves on, but you can play in the snow, go snowmobiling, skiing, ice skating, shoveling or wear them in the rain.

High Grade Fabrics and Insulation - Stay Warm Apparel only uses the best grade materials both inside and outside our gloves. We use lightweight, breathable, windproof softshell outer fabric, with a 3M Thinsulate insulation to protect the heating materials and to keep the warmth in, and provide enhanced grip patches which improve flexibility and and provide extra protection.

What's in the box?
2 Heated Gloves
2 Rechargeable Certified Batteries
1 Instruction Manual
1 Custom Plug with 2 ports to charge both batteries

These are our most popular and highest reviewed gloves we ever made. They are thin, comfortable, warm and amazing. We are sure you will love it too!

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