HEATD Dog Pet Bed Mattress with Removable Heating Pad, Rechargeable Battery & Cooling Pad Slots


  • Wireless Power: The first and only Dog Bed that uses a rechargeable battery. Now you can sleep peacefully knowing that your dog will not chew the wire.
  • Removable Heating Pad: Using the Fuse Technology, you can remove the heating pad for safe washing. Simply open the Velcro pouch and pull out the heating pad, wash the bed, and put it back in!
  • Machine Washable: After removing the battery AND the heating pad, the dog bed is machine washable. No longer will you worry if your dog pees on the mattress!
  • Portable: You can now go anywhere and know that your dog will be warm at night. Camping, hunting, overnights, wherever you go, you dont need an outlet, now you can just turn it on and give your best friend a warm night's sleep!
  • Waterproof: The HEATD Dog Bed is made with waterproof 600D high grade polyester that is waterproof. If the dog pees, just wipe it off!
  • Thermostatic Control and Timer: Use the brand new HEATD controller to set the temperature you want the heat to be on, and set a timer for it to go off without overheating or wasting battery!

Have you ever gone hunting or camping and while you slept comfortably and warm, your dog was cuddling up trying to stay warm too? Do you want to provide your dog with a warm mattress but dont want to risk them chewing on the wire? The HEATD Dog Bed is perfect for you!

The HEATD Dog Bed comes with the Mossy Oak/Fuse's patented “Removable Technology”, a patented heating technology that delivers the fastest, hottest, and most efficient heated hand warmer on the market directly to your hands. The Dog Bed contains the largest "M" shaped heating pad on the market.

Now you can ensure that your dog stays warm for as long as you need! With 3 temperature settings, you can select the level of heat that is most comfortable for your dog.

The Dog Bed includes a HEATD dual port 12V 10,000 mAh USB power bank can be used to charge your smartphone too!

The FUSE technology allows for the removal of the heating pad from the bed, and it is the only dog bed in the world where this is possible. Simply open the velcros, pull out the heating pad, and you can throw the bed in the wash for a clean fresh look!

The Dog Bed uses a customized foam that has a customized vibration absorption to keep the dog comfortable and relaxed.

Cooling Option: You can use this bed in the summer too! Simply flip the bed over, and you can open the three Velcro pouches and put cooling pads in them. Cool off your dog in the summer too!

Product Features:

Patented Fuse Removable Heating Technology
12V 10,000 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Water Resistant 600D Outer Material
Up to 4+ hours of high heat and 8+ on low

Additional Information

Medium, Xl

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