Heated 3 Level Temperature Hoodie With Rechargeable Battery for Men & Women - Gray



  • Heated hoodie heats front and back with patented heating technology. Works best under jacket.
  • 3 Levels of heat for maximum comfort and perfect heat setting. Long lasting UL Certified battery with 2 usb ports (1 for hoodie and 1 to charge smartphone at the same time!)
  • Super soft 100% cotton hoodie feels AMAZING when you are wearing it! Comfortable pocket for battery, on/off button and place to rest your hands.
  • Must have for all cold weather environments: outdoor walking, skiing, waiting for bus, ballgames, playing ball, walking your dog etc.
  • Great for doormen, outdoor laborers, construction workers and all outdoor activities
Imagine being outdoors, at your favorite game, enjoying your favorite outdoor sport, walking to school or work, waiting for the bus, walking your dog, or doing anything outside, and with the touch of a button, warm up your body with the amazing new Stay Warm Apparel heated Hoodie with rechargeable battery. Using the patented Best Home heating technology, you can control 3 temperature levels of heat with the simple touch of a button. Warming your front (stomach) and back, with pocket in front for your hands, you will never be cold again!

Included is a dual port USB power bank, allowing you to also charge your smartphone at the same time!

With 3 level heat and pinpoint heat distribution, the Stay Warm Apparel Hoodies can last as long as 5 hours straight on low, and 2 hours on high.

3 Amazing colors for your style preference, super soft 100% cotton hoodie that is amazing even without the heat, pull strings with metal tip for maximum longevity.

Easily washable (by removing the battery). Remove battery before washing in machine!


The battery should be charged out of the box. However it is recommended to charge the battery until fully charged before using.

Open the patented System Mag magnetically closed zipper pocket on the inside of the hoodie pocket & insert the battery. Plug the battery into the connector and let the magnet close automatically to secure the glove.

The button on the right side of the pocket controls the heat. Hold it down for a few seconds & you will see it turn Red. Red is the highest level. It uses the most battery & gives the most heat.

Heated hoodies use a heating technology that is exposed to the cold weather conditions. For best use, it is recommended to wear a jacket on top of the hoodie. Strong cold winds and really cold conditions will overpower the heating pad

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Small/medium, Large/xl


White, Navy, Gray

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